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My Mission Statement

background photo taken by Rachel Silver Photography

By Cedar is my creative outlet. I am building this brand to showcase my love for surface pattern design, arts and crafts, and nature. As a beginner entrepreneur, my brand is a work in progress. My website and all that I publish are steps toward a bigger goal of finding my niche; my place in this wide world of artists.

                To reach that goal, I will share blog posts on new projects, I will continue to make new items for my Etsy, I will build my portfolio for surface pattern design, and I will continue to try new things and to share them all with you.

                Now that I have a little bit of your understanding and trust, close your eyes. Go back to the last time you sat around a campfire with friends. The crisp night air chills your backside and turns your breath to a visible cloud. The fire crackles, pops, and warms your knees and hands and cheeks. The bright orange glows in your friends’ eyes as they stare, captivated by the dancing flames. Your friends, warm your soul, keep you laughing, maybe even reminisce about good times.

Now, picture that time you and a loved one got caught in the rain. At first you tucked your face and attempted to stay dry but eventually, you were holding hands and dancing and running in the downpour. When you arrive home, you change into loose fitting pajamas, and try to warm up on the couch with your hair still wet… the sound of thunder in the distance.

One more time, its autumn, the breeze is rustling the yellow and red aspen leaves, and broken sunshine is streaming through the trees. The air is fresh and has a bite to it as it kisses your nose and holds your hands.

These scenarios make you feel a sense of comfort, happiness, and contentment. It’s like you can almost hear the popping of the campfire or feel the rumble of the thunder. This feeling can be wrapped up into the term “hygge.”

So, if I had to cram all of that into one concise statement, it would be:

The mission and vision of By Cedar is to capture the essence of hygge and to sprinkle some into every work of art that I create; to allow people to bring this feeling into their homes and wardrobes to enjoy on the daily.


Author: CedarMartin

Surface Pattern Designer and Artist

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