Let me Introduce Myself


     Hello! I’m Cedar, an aspiring surface pattern designer. My roots are in a small Colorado town but I have grown and now live in the Northwestern tip of Montana, where I flourish. My heart is filled with mountains, lakes, and everything nature. My mind is filled with ideas on how to share my passions with the world through fabric, wall art, and hopefully someday area rugs, ribbon and more.

     I grew up in a household where my dad was Mr. Fix-it, my mom was Mrs. bake/make/create-it, and my 3 older siblings and ran around the farm with our imaginations out and our shoes no where to be found. We were constantly surrounded by extended family and we fit snugly into the small town community. It wasn’t uncommon to be part of a chili cook-off, family barbecue, or to have others join us for holiday meals.

     I’ve been reminded time and time again that as a toddler, carrying my baby blanket around the church, I told my primary teacher that when I grew up I wanted to either be a daddy or a monster… I obviously came to terms with why neither of those were going to happen, and I eventually started telling my school teachers I was going to grow up to be an artist or a teacher. Those two professions stuck with me throughout middle school with “teacher” sometimes being swapped out with “nurse.” In Middle School my art teacher took notice of me (whether it was because of my artistic ability or just abnormal excitement for middle school art class, I don’t know) and she became sort of a mentor to me. I was asked to paint a mural of sunflowers on the nurses office wall at one point…I chose sunflowers and butterflies. Another time she let me flip through her catalogs and choose one item that she would special order just for me… I chose those rainbow scratch off papers. The most memorable time was when she took me to a pottery shop in the neighboring town and I made a bowl on a potters wheel. It was on this trip to the pottery shop that she shared her opinion that there isn’t money in being an artist. I know that we have all heard that and similar phrases like “starving artist” but it still hit hard coming from my beloved art teacher. It stuck with me.

     Fast forward 5 years where I found myself in the Animation and Motion Graphics program at Colorado Mesa University. I made it through one semester paying a fortune to sit in classes that taught things like how to make a flip book, and the basics of the color wheel. It wasn’t at all what I expected and a “What should I do what my liiiife?” melt down ensued. The following semester I was taking science-based classes, shadowing at the community hospital and applying for the Radiologic Technology program. I got in! Shortly after, I was spending most of my time in the Health Sciences building and wearing stark white on white on white scrubs while fulfilling my clinical requirements. I worked three jobs to graduate x-ray school completely debt-free in two years.

    Today, I am the lead technologist of a mobile x-ray company, married, and own a home on a small chunk of land in Montana. Life is good. I work a job that I enjoy. I share a beautiful home with my dream man and we are equally driven to build a comfortable, stable, and exciting life for ourselves. And if you’ll let me brag a little bit more… Glacier National Park is practically my backyard. I have recently felt the urge to stop and smell the roses; slow down from my busy life and learn to be fully present for the little things. This change of heart has allowed me to get reacquainted with my artistic side again. 


    I yearn to create art from the moment I wake up to the second I close my eyes at night. So I have learned to prioritize that time into my day whether that be sewing, painting, learning Adobe Illustrator, or a doing home improvement project. In early 2019 I created my first repeating pattern and uploaded it to Spoonflower.com, eventually selling one entire yard! Shortly after, I created a watercolor repeating pattern and suddenly knew that I had found something promising to pursue. Now, in mid-2019, I have created a complete 12-pattern collection, in two colorways, called Backyard . I am learning to share my work with others, and now have found myself creating a website in order to have a “home base” to connect with others in the SPD world. I hope you’ll stick around to see me through this journey!

Author: CedarMartin

Surface Pattern Designer and Artist

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